Winthrop and Adelphi Offer Joint Summer Science Camp

Top high school students learn about the latest developments in cancer research and treatment.

More than 20 top high school students, including Jacquelyn Seskin of Garden City, got an up-close look at cancer research and the latest treatment that cancer patients are receiving during a joint summer science camp offered by  and .

The one-day cancer curriculum was part of a weeklong program suggested by Dr. James Capozzi, chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Winthrop.

Students began their day at Adelphi with Dr. Alan Schoenfeld, chairman of the university’s biology department, who provided an overview of cancer research and treatment. Following a lunch break students boarded a bus and continued their studies at Winthrop in Mineola with pathologists Dr. Virginia Donovan and oncologist Dr. Jeffery Schneider.

The 22 students entering grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 were selected from a final application pool of more than 50, representing 31 high schools.

Interested students were required to provide an essay detailing their interest in medicine and science and explaining why they wanted to attend the program.  Each student also had to provide a letter of recommendation from a science teacher or guidance counselor addressing the student’s level of academic success and maturity.

The list of students and their respective high schools are as follows:

  • Nicholas Apping – Baldwin Senior High School
  • Brandon Belizaire – Freeport High School
  • Catherine Boutros – Locust Valley High School
  • Theresa Caffray – Holy Trinity Diocesan High School
  • Yannick Cambry – West Hempstead High School
  • Matthew Cavanagh – Calhoun High School
  • Erica Cunha –
  • Aditya Dave – Syosset High School
  • Nikita Farhadi –
  • Justin Garcia – Freeport High School
  • Lisa Masching – Lindenhurst High School
  • Rianna Modi – MCVTS Healthcare Academy
  • Addison Oliver – Sacred Heart Academy
  • Crystal Robasson –
  • Jamari Ross – Elmont Memorial High School
  • Jacquelyn Seskin –
  • Casey Shamlou – Scholars Academy
  • Zachary Sharafeddin –
  • Rose Small – Sacred Heart Academy
  • Ruth Tacandong – Maria Regina High School
  • Niels Theodule – Kellenberg Memorial High School
  • Taylor Wilson – St Mary’s High School


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