Alison Gilbert
I am a third generation Long Beach native who swam in the Atlantic  Ocean before the dunes were built. Although, I have moved up LB Rd a few miles to Oceanville-Rockside-Centre-Baldwin, I will always have part of my heart still, many memories from and one foot in LB!
But I love my new community as well. Just not as many old memories. I am making new memories and many new friends. I am an entrepreneur's entrepreneur having created over a half-dozen businesses in a wide variety of industries soon to be viewable on www.AlisonsArt.com: CRAFTS & DECORATIVE PAINTING | HEALTH FOOD | GRAPHIC DESIGN | HOLISTIC HEALTH | BIZ MARKETING | WRITING | ADVERTISING My mission is to preserve and promote biz as an ethical, responsible and creative means to achieving personal financial freedom, supporting the economy and bettering the world. I am one of the founders and original members of West End Arts Visual Artists Guild, Inc. a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. I wonder if Dorothy Devoe's after school oil painting classes had anything to do with that? And speaking of West, I went to the original West School. See if you can find the 'Alison, Randy and Scott from Oswego Avenue' brick on the walkway to the entrance to the new school (Yuck. I miss the old school). I even went to Mrs. Borzaleri's (sp?) Nursery School on Blackhealth Rd. and named my first puppy after Mickey's delicatessen. Anyone remember that? How about Hittleman's bakery with Grandpa Hittleman sitting in the doorway handing out cookies to us kids? I got my first 45 record at Tilben's, my school supplies at the original ECHO and nesstlerode pie (yum!) at Custom Bakers in Island Park. And let us not forget, Manero's Steak House, La Teresa Bakery and Koff's long before it moved to the Manero's (after it burnt down) site and become Associated. I actually grew up in EAB but I accept that as part of the LB experience since the only difference was our beach, our vote and our taxes which went to the Town of Hempstead instead of LB. I visit LB just about every week enjoying the 'Art in the Plaza Event' and other cultural activities. Of course, we stop at Bob's for lunch, still get our cell phones from Tilbens and have to get some stuff from LB Variety. I am enjoying the shops of the 'new' Long Beach including Salvage Chic. Well that's it for now. You can reach me at alisartmail@yahoo.com if you want to take a walk down memory lane with me.
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